YOUR WORDS | YOUR WAY is a Self Publishing, Marketing and Writing Retreat designed to help you craft the path to realizing your publishing dreams. There is so much information out there on how to self publish, market, grow your list, build your tribe and turn writing into a career but it is so confusing and overwhelming. Do you follow the trends and apply "tactics" to your work for quick sales or do you press on and insist on high quality work? Or, do you combine the two approaches in a manner that best suits your work and message? Perhaps, you just get started, learn the hard way, waste time and money and become buried in unanswered questions and then promise yourself that 2019 or 2020 will be the year you publish your book instead?

I can help make it happen THIS year.

The YOUR WORDS | YOUR WAY Retreat has been designed so an intimate group of participants can learn the methods of self publishing so they can launch businesses, speaking careers, or a social movement with their books. This retreat will save you years of heartache and wasted money because Jennifer openly shares her journey and her winning process for making it happen. 

The Retreat is designed for the writer who is ready to take a leap into the wonderful & exciting world of self publishing. We will discuss the pros and cons of self publishing and traditional publishing so you understand which choice is best for you and your work. We will explore how to use Amazon's Self Publishing Platform and KDP to publish your books in both print and ebook format. We will explore other methods of distributing your work and what that might mean to your bottom line and your sanity. The Retreat has also been designed to give you time to incorporate what you learn about self publishing and marketing into your manuscript, even if your manuscript is only in rough outline form at this time.

This Retreat is for you if:
 - you have a story that needs to be heard
 - you have researched an element of history, a person or an event and you want your discoveries in print 
 - you are a coach or practitioner who wants to increase your visibility and credibility with a book
 - you are interested in launching a speaking career with a book
 - you believe deeply in a cause that needs your voice
 - you have a character in your head that speaks to you and he/she is begging to be heard by others, or 
 - you want to record a family history so your children will have all the details of their ancestry.

Whatever your topic, you have declared that 2018 will be the year you publish your book. You may not be sure where to begin in the process and you want some guidance, support and mentorship as you move towards accomplishing this exciting dream. You need someone to ask questions of, knowing you will be honored and respected regardless where you are on this wonderful journey. And, you need time away from regular life to focus on what needs to be done. You want to be surrounded by others who are navigating this same process so you can learn from them as well.

Did you know over 90% of people want to publish a book? Did you know that very few actually do because the task seems too big, too scary and too overwhelming. The Retreat was designed so that people who want to write and self publish their work, can write and self publish their work AND still eat dinner with their loved ones.

The Retreat is held at the beautiful & inspiring Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort and Conference Centre in Parksville, British Columbia. You can arrive by plane at either Comox Airport (60 mins) or Nanaimo Airport (40 mins) and travel via rental car or shuttle to the resort. Surrounded by sea and forest in a tranquil setting, you will have the luxury of focusing on what you have come here to do and when your mind tires and your ideas run dry, you are a few steps away from the creative inspiration and fresh energy that the earth can provide. We just don't get that kind of creative flow in the city... with the kids, or the partner, or the demands of the job, or stuck in traffic, or surrounded by commotion. This is a RETREAT, not the Days Inn.

The goal of this Retreat is to learn
- about self publishing and the many ways you can begin marketing your book AS you write it
- what things you need to establish an author platform
- how to get your readers invested in your book before you release it
- about the elements you can incorporate in your books to grow your list, tease your tribe and make your readers LOVE you (key to your building long term success).
Also, no writers retreat would be complete without some mention of the nitty gritty things like ISBN's, imprints, and formatting! And of course, time to write, reflect, share and grow as a writer! AND... FULL ACCESS to Jennifer to ask all your questions! Jennifer will also connect you with people who can help you get the job done (editors, cover designers, author platform creators, etc).

During our time together, we’ll be brainstorming, outlining, sharing, reflecting, and writing your next book while learning about marketing and self publishing strategies that will help make your work flow less overwhelming. NEW THIS YEAR is a full day of writing with one-on-one sessions! 

You don't quite have your outline done? 
No problem, we can work on that together!
You almost have the entire book written?
Awesome. Let's get you some feedback and insight from other participants and then let's start incorporating some marketing stragtegies into your writing so you can turn your readers into fans and create a tribe! 
Having trouble making the time to actually write your book?
Easy peasy – you will have some time here to focus and get your rough ideas down on paper! 

Not a fan of actually writing but have a story to share?

Oh la la! I can help you with that too! I will share with you how my daughter wrote her entire book without her pen!
You have written lots but have some specific questions that you need help with?
Awesome! We can address those in the evening mini-masterminds where smaller groups meet to discuss their specific needs while the others have time to write.

Are you thinking, "This is great but what about when I get home and I need help?"
We will meet via Zoom ONCE following the Retreat as a group to troubleshoot and move you along in your peronsal journey (this call will be recorded). Plus, we have our small Facebook Community where you can ask questions. Also as a member of this very elite retreat, you will have the OPTION of having your book published under the STOKE Publishing Imprint. This means, you can essentially sit on the fence between "Do It Yourself" Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing. In a nutshell, this means you can have me as your book consultant and you have someone managing (and in some case) doing the prepatory work for your book launch and marketing so you don't have to!  


- TIGH-NA-MARA is the perfect place to feed your soul, nourish your mind and allow creative flow to build!
- Doing this writing thing alone can be totally defeating and uninspiring!
- A mentor can help you bypass half the agony of being lost in the self publishing vortex!
- A little accountability and focus goes a long way to getting things done!
- Investing in yourself and your dreams makes you a more awesome person! 

And... when your mind gets weary and flat, you will have time each afternoon to explore the beach or the forest ... or should you be so inclined ... The Grotto Spa. I cannot explain what happens when you have been focusing hard on your work and then ... you fade and hit a snag. At YOUR WORDS | YOUR WAY you can step away to replenish yourself in nature ... the creative abundance that follows is where the magic is made! 
A mix of focus and exploration is critical!


Jennifer began her writing/self publishing career in 2014. She is the 
 creator of the STOKE Publishing Imprint and a bestselling, self published author of over seven books.  Jennifer's journey has been full of adventures and opportunities to learn. She is excited to greet each one of you and support you as a writer & published author!

She is also a speaker, teacher, Ironman triathlete, certified life coach and personal trainer. She approaches the task of self publishing from a very hands-on practical perspective. She will be sharing everything with an intimate group of people who are ready to to become published authors! Jennifer is also a teacher librarian and holds a Masters Degree in Children's Literature from Texas A&M University.
She is a straight shooter. She insists that her clients understand they must show up, deliver and stand behind the power in their work and that being self published does NOT mean you have to compromise on quality or impact.
In fact, it means you can control them both!



Your Writing Adventure Awaits
Four days packed full of writing, beautiful scenery and more! (schedule subject to change)

Tuesday, April 3: Day 1

  • 3pm-6pm: Plan travel to arrive at the resort sometime between 3-6pm. Get settled in your room and then enjoy a Group Welcome Dinner.
  • 6pm-8pm: Group Welcome Dinner at the Resort (Included).

Wednesday, April 4: Day 2

  • 7:30-8:30am: Breakfast on Your Own (Some hotel rooms have kitchens)
  • 8:30- 11:30: Sessions & Writing Time
  • 11:30-12:30: Lunch on Your Own
  • 12:30-2:30: Sessions & Writing Time
  • 2:30-5pm: Rejuvination Break/Writing Time
    Beach Walk, Forest Trails, Bike Ride, Explore Parksville, Take in the Spa, Nap or ... Write.
  • 5pm-7:00pm: Dinner on your own/groups 
    Explore Parksville or stay on the resort.
  • 7:00pm-9:00pm: Scheduled Mini Masterminds in Small Groups/Writing Time
    Questions answered in smaller group sessions (3 people/30 minutes or 6 people/60 minutes). While one group Masterminds the other group writes, then switch. This will take place in Jennier's suite - it's casual but effective. Very specific questions to YOUR needs are discussed.

Thursday, April 5: Day 3
8am-8:30am: Breakfast on Your Own
8:30- 11:30: Sessions & Writing Time
11:30-12:30: Working Lunch
12:30-2:30: Sessions & Writing Time

2:30-5pm: Rejuvination Break/Writing Time
Beach Walk, Forest Trails, Ride Bike, Explore Parksville, Take in the Spa, Nap or ... Write.
5pm-7:00pm: Dinner on your own/groups 
Explore Parksville or stay on the resort.
7:00pm-9:00pm: Scheduled Mini Masterminds in Groups/Writing Time

Questions answered in smaller group sessions (3 people/30 minutes or 6 people/60 minutes). While one group Masterminds the other group writes, then switch. Set future objectives to accomplish prior to follow up Group Zoom call post retreat.

Friday, April 6: Day 4
WRITING DAY: RISE & WRITE: This is a working day with one-on-one/small group sessions scheduled to make sure that you know EXACTLY what you need to do when you leave the retreat!

Saturday, April 7: Day 5
RISE & WRITE if you so choose or head for home as this is our departure day.

Don't Miss The YOUR WORDS | YOUR WAY Self Publishing, Marketing and Writing Retreat!

Reserve your spot before we're sold out!

A $300.00 deposit holds your seat and payment of your account in full is due Feb 15th, 2018.


The TIGH-NA-MARA Seaside Spa Resort and Conference Centre

1155 Resort Drive 
Parksville, BC V9P2E3


Tigh-Na-Mara is located in picturesque Parksville, BC on Vancouver Island.  Parksville is situated mid-island on the east coast, just 30 minutes north of Nanaimo, about 60 minutes from Comox and 2 hours north of Victoria.  Parksville's central island location offers easy access to the best of Vancouver Island.  Daytrips may include Tofino, Campbell River, Port Alberni, Courtenay/Comox, Denman Island, Hornby Island, Salt Spring Island, Cowichan Valley and Duncan.

More about the venue


Because The Tigh-Na-Mara Resort is set away from Parksville, I have done my best to make the Retreat as flexible as possible while still allowing for some time to explore the local area on your down times. Because ... this IS a retreat!

Group Welcome Dinner on Day 1
Sessions from 8:30am-11:30am and 12:30-2:30pm on Day 2 and Day 3
Rejuvination Break 2:30-5pm Day 2 and Day 3 
Evening Mini Masterminds/Writing Time from 7-9pm on Day 2 and 3
One-on-One/Group Sessions as needed on our WRITING DAY -Day 4
All handouts/ Resources/Facebook Community
Zoom Group Calls: One post retreat
Option to publish under the
STOKE Publishing Imprint so that your book gets done!



Your travel to the resort
(fuel, car rental, airfare, travel insurance and cancellation insurance)
Transportation to the resort if arriving by air, bus, etc
(shuttle/rental cars avail and can be shared with others arriving around the same time - can use the Facebook Group to arrange group rides)
Your meals while traveling or on departure day
All meals while at the resort (except our Group Dinner on Tuesday)
(Consider that your rooms have fridges/kitchens)
YOUR ROOMS (See Options Below and use Facebook Group to arrange shared accomodations).
Any extra curricular activities (spa, shopping, etc).

It is up to you to book your room! Book early to avoid disappointment!
ü  Jedediah Lodge Studio $141/night plus applicable taxes based on double occupancy.
*Queen + Queen Murphy, Kitchenette

ü  Spa Bungalow Studio $168/night plus applicable taxes based on double occupancy.
*King + Queen Murphy, Kitchenette

ü  Spa Bungalow Suite (2xQueens/1xKing + Queen Murphy in both) $195/night plus applicable taxes based on double occupancy. *Full kitchen
ü  Two-bedroom Spa Bungalow Suite $249/night plus applicable taxes based on double occupancy.
*King, Queen + Queen Murphy, Full kitchen

 Guests wanting to call and reserve rooms can simply say they’re part of the Writers Retreat coming in April or quote Group number R10T65L.

Prior to making your non-refundable deposit you will have to accept the EULA.
If you would like a print version for your records, please let us know.



$300 Non-Refundable Deposit Will HOLD Your Seat.
Balance Paid by Feb 15, 2018

  • Private Facebook Community to arrange rides/shared rooms and ask questions before arrival!
  • Welcome Package
  • Welcome Dinner Day 1
  • All Day Sessions Day 2
  • Mini-Mastermind PM  Day 2
  • All Day Sessions Day 3
  • Mini-Mastermind PM Day 3
  • WRITING DAY Support Sessions - Day 4
  • Handouts / Resources
  • Option to Publish Under STOKE Publishing Imprint
  • ZOOM Group Call Post Retreat


How can I get from the Comox or Nanaimo Airport to the Resort?

You can rent a car or take a shuttle. Tigh-Na-Mara has a paid shuttle and if several of you arrive at the same airport, we can arrange for a shared shuttle and a shared cost. The shuttle for one is less than $100 but if three people arrive around the same time and can take the same shuttle, you can share that cost. Once flights are booked, we can discuss this in the Facebook Group.
Car rentals are also available and should you wish to carpool, you can post that in the Facebook Group as well. Some of you may be arriving by car and may be able to help another participant make it to the resort.

Here is more information on GETTING HERE: http://www.tigh-na-mara.com/resort/getting-here.htm 

When should I make reservations/appointments for dining and spa services?

The Grotto Spa, restaurant & lounge are very popular with resort guests and locals. Should you choose to dine on site or join us in the Grotto Spa for services, advanced reservations are strongly recommended. 
*Our group welcome dinner is in the dining room and we have a reservation.

I have more questions about the Resort!

Visit the website FAQ: http://www.tigh-na-mara.com/resort/faq.htm


How many people will be at this Retreat? Will I get personal attention?

Absolutely no more than 12. Ideally, 8-10. Small numbers mean you will get more time to ask questions and learn what you specifically need to learn. However, a group dynamic and feedback is also key so we do need other bodies in the room! There is a 6 person minimum for this retreat. 

What if YOU cancel and the Retreat is off?

If I have to cancel due to small numbers, I will give you a full refund for your retreat fees, including your deposit.
Ensure you have adequate cancellation insurance for travel. There is a comprehensive EULA you must read and accept prior to paying any money. Please read it.

What if I have to cancel?

The $300 deposit is non-refundable due to the nature of booking an event like this. If you need to cancel, I would do my best to re-sell your seat (or you can transfer it to someone else) so that I can offer a full refund minus the $300 deposit. However, your travel cost will NOT be refunded in any manner so make sure you protect yourself with adequate insurance.